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    The Diseases Database is a cross-referenced index of human disease, medications, symptoms, signs, abnormal investigation findings etc. This site provides a medical textbook-like index and search portal covering areas

    · Internal medical disorders
    · Symptoms and signs
    · Congenital and inherited disorders
    · Infectious diseases and organisms
    · Drugs and medications
    · Common haematology and biochemistry investigation abnormalities

  • Medicine Australia is published by the Northern Rivers Division of General Practice (NSW) Ltd.

    The philosophy of MedAu, launched in April 1996, is to be a cooperative project - a place in cyberspace where doctors can share their thoughts and knowledge with others. It also supports the open source software movement, which encourages a co-operative effort among programmers and users to facilitate software development

  • A Doctors Reference Site

  • Information to help people travelling abroad.

    The Medical Observer


Medical Observer and are pleased to provide GPs with a calendar of upcoming cpd activities posted by registered educational providers. To see more details about an activity simply click on the activity title.

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